Commercial Backup Power Solutions in Melbourne, FL

At Wavelength Electrical Contracting Inc., we understand that every moment of downtime is critical. Our commercial backup power solutions in Melbourne, FL are designed to ensure your operations never skip a beat, even in the face of unexpected power outages.

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A portable generator with a bright yellow and gray design is situated outdoors on a paved surface. The generator features control panels, ventilation grilles, and safety labels. It is equipped with various access points for operation and maintenance. The background includes other industrial equipment, indicating the generator's use in a commercial or construction setting.

Understanding Backup Power Needs

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a reliable backup power system is not just an option – it’s a necessity. From preserving critical data to maintaining operational continuity, the right backup power solution can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a significant loss. Our team of experts in backup generator installation in Melbourne, FL, specializes in assessing your business’s power requirements to recommend the most efficient and effective backup power strategies tailored to your needs.
A crane is used to lift a large generator onto a trailer during an installation process. Workers are guiding the generator, ensuring it is properly positioned. The scene takes place in a residential area with lush green trees and a clear blue sky. Safety gear and equipment indicate a professional and secure operation.

Commercial Generator Installation and Repair

Our comprehensive commercial backup power solutions in Melbourne, FL include professional installation of high-quality commercial generators that integrate seamlessly with your existing power systems. Whether you’re looking to install a new generator or need repairs on an existing unit, our technicians have the expertise and technology to service all types of commercial generators, ensuring your business stays powered under any circumstances.
A bright green portable generator is situated on a paved surface, surrounded by parked cars. The generator features multiple access panels, ventilation grilles, and control buttons, including a prominent red emergency stop button. Tools and equipment are placed on top of the generator, indicating active use or maintenance. The vibrant color and compact design make it suitable for various applications, from industrial to event support.

Commercial Generator Maintenance and Support

Regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring the reliability and longevity of your backup power system. At Wavelength Electrical Contracting Inc., our maintenance and support services are designed to prevent potential issues before they disrupt your business. From routine inspections to comprehensive system tests, we provide the necessary support to keep your generator in optimal condition, ready to perform when needed.

Don’t Let Power Outages Disrupt Your Business

Ready to enhance your business’s resilience with a robust backup power solution? Contact Wavelength Electrical Contracting Inc. today to discuss your needs with our experts in power generation services in Melbourne. Let us help you safeguard your operations against unexpected power interruptions.

About Our Company

Wavelength Electrical Contracting Inc. has been a trusted name in electrical contracting for over a decade. Specializing in commercial backup power solutions in Melbourne, FL, our mission is to provide businesses with reliable, high-quality electrical services that ensure operational continuity and peace of mind. Our team is committed to excellence, leveraging the latest technology and best practices to meet our clients’ diverse needs.
A crane is seen lifting a Kohler generator high above a residential area for installation. Workers on the ground are guiding the process, ensuring safe and precise placement. The setting is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and palm trees, with a house partially visible in the background. The sky is clear and blue, highlighting a sunny day ideal for installation work.

Customer Reviews

Discover why businesses across Melbourne, FL, trust Wavelength Electrical Contracting Inc. for their backup power needs.
Brandon Cheal
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“Wavelength Electric is a great company to work with! They have completed several projects for me and they always charge a fair price and have great expertise while making sure the job gets done correctly. I will use them for all my electrical needs in the future.”
Dennis Malbon
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“Wavelength Electrical did a great job on the install and took time to fully explain how to use and maintain the equipment. They are also the experts at the annual maintenance. They expertly do the work when promised, at stated cost and with a very positive attitude. Well done Wavelength!”
Kristina McCallan
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“From inital contact with sales through completion of our Generac generator project Wavlength was incredibly professional, and a pleasure to work with. Everything went smoothly and as promised. Install was clean and neat! Thank you Wavelength !”
Donna Stubbs
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“Wavelength installed a whole house generator for us. Their service, their communication to keep us informed, their timeliness was topnotch. Pete and his crew are so personable and a pleasure to work with. Thank you so very much!”
Patrick Paquette
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“Wavelength Electric is a top notch company. Peter and Derek were very professional, always on time, and kept us informed on the progress on the installation of our generator. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to get a home generator installed!”


The size depends on your specific power requirements. Our team can perform a detailed assessment to determine the optimal size for your needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
We recommend at least an annual maintenance check, though this can vary based on the generator’s model and usage. Our maintenance plans are customizable to fit your generator’s needs and business schedule.
Yes, many modern generators offer remote monitoring capabilities. We can help integrate these systems, allowing you to monitor your generator’s status and receive alerts from anywhere.
Our 24/7 emergency service ensures that any issues with your generator are addressed promptly to minimize downtime and keep your business operational.


We understand that investing in a commercial backup power solution is a significant decision for any business. That’s why we offer flexible financing options to accommodate your financial planning. Whether you’re looking to lease a generator for short-term needs or finance a purchase to ensure long-term security, our tailored financing solutions are intended to align with your company’s budget and cash flow requirements. Let’s collaborate to find a financial solution that ensures your business stays powered without straining your finances.

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